Peacock Play Therapy - what's in a name?


So, why did I choose to name my therapy practice after the peacock? Aside from the reasons I gave in the ‘About’ section of the website, the name also comes from a more personal place; the training we do in order to qualify as Play Therapists is a rigorous process where we have to be willing to reflect on and work through our own thoughts and feelings.  The image of a peacock became a recurrent theme for me during this process.


The peacock is a beautiful bird thanks to its exquisite colours and remarkable tail feathers and for that reason can be perceived as quite a show-off!  So how could such a strutting, showy creature resonate with me, who has always struggled with low self-esteem and self-doubt?  We are all special and have unique talents and personal qualities.  I began to acknowledge the fact that I had lots of talents and positive qualities, but had a tendency to hide them (rather like a peacock with its tail feathers folded down).  I realised that I found it hard to ‘admit’ I had talents, let alone go so far as to feel proud of them and (gasp!) actually flaunt them!  I felt that if I did celebrate them, people might not like me, either through jealousy or because they would perceive me as a show-off.  The beauty of self-reflection and the therapeutic process is having the time and space to process our feelings and examine and challenge old thinking patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.  The Play Therapy training course freed me up to not only be proud of my talents and positive traits, but to celebrate and share them with others; most importantly, the clients that I support.

We have all been gifted with the beautiful plumage of our own unique mix of personality traits, skills and talents – why, then, would we hide these from the rest of the world?  Don’t fold up your feathers for fear of outshining those standing next to you in life.  Don’t play down your individual brilliance.   Stand proud, enjoy your gifts, celebrate them and share them with those around you so that they feel free to display their beautiful feathers too!

March 2019